Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday School 2

Come in class. Sit, sit, sit. Today we're going to learn about Mother Theresa.

Here's a recent post from the Allied Atheist Alliance on the world's most famous nun. But don't worry, folks - that's not all we have to talk about today. We've also got this fantastic find by Neece over at Heaving Dead Cats. The Duelity project is two videos - one a scientific sounding explanation of creationism, and the other a poetic "yea thou" type telling of evolution. You can watch them separately or concurrently. (Of course, I watched each one, and then the combined version.) It's funny and well done and definitely worth a click.

Here's a touching story (I know, I know) about a 5 year old girl who decided to recycle cans to raise money for the homeless. She raised enough to feed over 18,000. (Better than some magic loaves and fishes any day, right?) The article ends with practical suggestions for small ways every one can help. Two hands in service do more good than two in prayer.

Billyist of Good Reasons News thoroughly quashes an anti-atheist OpEd hit piece in the Journal-Sentinel.

And, oh-my-scientitic-method! You need to watch this video (originally posted by MoJoey on Deep Thoughts and totally ganked by me). You will be laughing till you nearly pee, so have a good excuse if your boss wonders why you're snorting and squealing and sitting in pee.

Finally, as I'm sure many of you are aware, PZ Meyers, the Secular Student Alliance, and other atheists are taking a field trip to the Creation Museum. But the Creation Museum has sent back a warning to PZ that those atheists better act right! BlagHag has the funniest comic *ever* on the subject.

Finally, I'll leave you with the hilarious and perfect country music video, "What Would Jesus Do?" Seriously, click. I wouldn't steer you wrong. This is even *funnier* than "Storm". I've already re-watched it three times this morning.

Click play! Because Jesus looks like Bam Margera.

That's all for this week. See ya real soon!


  1. Thanks for linking to my comic, Angie! =)

  2. Hey Jen you're totally welcome. It was awesomeness :)