Sunday, August 9, 2009

An Hour as Mommy

9:15 - wake up, realize door to bedroom was left unlocked. Inspect, see no immediate damage to closet.
9:20 - use bathroom, bring Little Man's potty to him. Clean up nearby disaster zone of flash cards while Little Man tinkles.
9:30 - laud Little Man's potty prowess
9:35 - serve Little Man oatmeal
9:45 - log onto computer to blog and write. Check email.
9:55 - get Little Man down from high chair
10:08 - Little Man gets me up from desk - thinks it would be great fun to watch me vacuum!
10:09 - vacuum baseboards
10:19 - Little Man asks for hotdog. Microwave hotdog.
10:20 - Little Man rejects hotdog. Wants strawberry cream cheese bagel instead.
10:21 - Refuse to make bagel. Place hotdog in fridge.
10:22 - sit and attempt to write down morning's activities
10:22-25 try to write as Little Man yanks on arms, kisses face, yells in ear, licks, and otherwise all up on.
10:26 - Little Man has climbed on top of my head.
10:27 - Little Man descends and says "come on come on come on".
10:27 - Time to offer the potty again.
10:28 - Little Man attempts to initiate round of "hide n seek"
10:30 - second potty attempt in progress gives me a moment to jot this down.

No wonder I can't get anything done lol. I've only been awake for an hour and I'm already craving a "quitting time" beer. After three years of telling myself he's "energetic" I'm ready for the ADHD testing.

He took this picture himself with my camera phone. He is a *cool* little constant distraction.


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