Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday School 3

Now gather round, my children, for today we'll learn many new and exciting things. Or at least you'll have cookies and juice with a coloring page while I read Bible verses out of a teacher's book. Oh wait... we're not having that kind of Sunday School you say?

Okay then, we'll just have to go the Anti-Theist route instead. My son was coloring on the walls in Sharpie this morning (having already used every tube of lipstick I own to go all Trading Spaces on the place *yesterday*) so I tossed the Sharpie (how'd that ever survive the past *year* in this apartment?) and pulled out a coloring book from my mom. It's... a Sunday School coloring book! And you know, there are a lot of pictures of just animals, like one of a donkey in a meadow under stars. And then, right next to it is a picture of an angel (flying) next to a woman and gabbing to her. Suddenly I realized that there are adults - parents - who seriously believe that a physical flipping angel - with wings! - talked to Mary.

My kid knows the word "cranium" but not the word "angel". He tries to say "graduated cylinder". He hides a map in his cowboy hat, and uses a plastic instrument piece as binoculars, points to the myriad stains on the carpet and declares, "Look, tracks!" And then her runs off, and when he gets "lost" in the living room, he pulls out his map and uses it to find his way back home to his bed. And he has no idea what an angel is. I am kind of awesome, you know. I'm huge in Japan.

Vjack at Atheist Religion brings us news on the C Street cult and its present threat to the democratic process. I have to admit I tend to unquestioningly presume a high level of patriotism for politicians, public school teachers, firefighters, and police. But these guys are theocrats all the way - and we elected them to public office.

I don't know if you guys are aware, but in college I was a Middle East studies major. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict especially got my interest and it's amazing how little the average American (including me before this class) really knows about the conflict. This news story on HuffPo sheds light on the side most Americans aren't aware of.

Just Bill runs Ask the Scientologist, an excellent Xenu info blog. This week he tells What It Means to be a Scientologist.

Ron Britton over at Bay of Fundie brings us Teabagging for Jesus, an excellent image post of the insane (misspelled) posters of teabagger protestors. (The people who don't wanna pay taxes, but still want to drive on roads, use the post office, take Medicare, etc.)

Heaving Dead Cats is at it again, this week bringing us the new US currency suggested by an atheist graphic designer. Here's what the new 20 would look like under this arrangement.

On the "face" of each bill, along with the Pres. or founding father is a quote from the Bill of Rights. Very rad ideas here. (Yes, I did just say rad. I watched Saved by the Bell as a kid. So sue me.)

And finally, dear Sunday students, I'd be remiss if I left you without a funny religiously themed video of the week. Here's two for good measure!

Seriously, I want a job where I get millions of dollars to shove people! He might be an evil charlatan but damnit he gets paid to do something we learned not to do on the playground. It's kind of like the guy who made a couple million bucks off of painting eyes on rocks.

And then there's the lovely River Tam.

That's all for today kids. Therefore, go ye and sin some more!


  1. Oh Firefly. I'm such a nerd for you.

  2. River wasn't my favorite till Serenity. Wash and Jayne and Kaylee are (but you know I love all of them). Actually, Simon's kind of bland.

    Yes, I am a hardcore Jossverse, every episode of every season of every show, kinda gal. My family and I know split the parts for the musical so we could sing it in the car on a camping trip a few years back.

    It's possible I've memorized *commentary* from some of my favorite episodes (where Joss does the commentary). I may mock the Trekkies of the world, but I understand them. (More confessions of my geekdom coming later today!)

  3. Thanks for the mention. You totally deserve to be huge in Japan!

  4. vjack - We should both be huge in N Korea, but we'd have to learn synchronized gymnastics.

  5. Is that first video about a religious event or an S&M orgy? A lot of those people going into or already being in paroxysms makes me seriously wonder if it actually is the latter.