Wednesday, August 19, 2009

100 Questions: Update (again)

So, I'm lazy today. Go here to see the first 40 questions.

Today's new questions for Christians:
  • Why not water into scotch? Or bourbon? Or beer?

  • How can God possibly be cool if Sinead O'Connor doesn't like him? (Or at least not his Pope.)

Okay guys, I'm spraining my brain here. I'm looking for funny, original, serious, whatever. Just not the same questions that the Christians have been asked so many times before they can Google a quick apologetic.

Please help me out, as I came up with the seven new ones for this week myself. If you like my blog, show me some love and post this in *your* blog. I really think it would be awesome to get a full list of 100 Creative and New Questions for Christians.

Think how many new and interesting debates we could have before they came up with rote answers for all of them?