Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blasphemy: A Victimless Crime

We got cable the year we moved back to Florida, the summer I was 12. And I discovered Comedy Central and stand up comedy. I've been in love ever since, from going to amateur night at the local comedy club to hanging out in the greenroom with comedians brought by my university. I love stand up. I think it's important and I think it's often really smart and thought-provoking. So, today in honor of my New Favorite Holiday (seconded by Halloween, which I wasn't allowed to celebrate as a kid), here's the best in comedic blasphemy, things which slipped in under my radar and helped to erode my faith for years, as well as new comedians I've found now that I add "and atheist" to my Boolean commands.

On the God question, we'll have none other than George Carlin, HKA. (HKA is my new atheist version of Rest in Peace - "He Kicked Ass". It applies to Darwin, Salk, and Galileo, too.)

On Jesus, we have Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

"For it was orange." :)

On the Virgin Mary, we have David Cross.

That bitch!

On learning Catholicism at an early age, we have David Allen.

On the Bible and Religious Education class, the funny fucker Ricky Gervais.

His theological equivalent is spot on, isn't it?

On Protestantism and the Church of England, Eddie Izzard.

Magnus Betner is hilarious. And Swedish. Read the captions people, and enjoy the fact that he's delivering this comedy act in front of a church congregation.

Here's a compilation of these guys and more.

South Park and Family Guy have done their parts to contribute to the blasphemous tone of our secular society. (I can dream it's secular, right?)

On Baptism, Brian the Dog.

On the End Times, South Park.

And of course, what's the fun of Blasphemy Day if we don't honor the Blasphemy Challenge? Here's Pat Condell (#1 Comedy YouTube Views in all UK) in his first ever YouTube video.

Let's end this post with a series of Monty Python sketches, every one of them delightfully blasphemous. (I think this has to got be the best holiday EVER!)

"And so as a blasphemer, you are to be stoned to death!" Yet here I am, unharmed.
God 0: Angie 1