Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year of the Bible

Remember back in __ when Georgia Rep. Paul Broun introduced a resolution to have Obama say nice things about the Bible & the Christian religion, and pretend these were responsible for America's democracy and prosperity. Broun wanted 2010 to be declared "The Year of the Bible." To that I say....

Bring. It. ON.

You wanna talk about Adam & Eve? I'm ready.

How about Noah or Moses or King David? You got it.

Methusala and Enoch and Job, too.

We can talk about she-bears and blood sacrifice and whether or not rabbits chew the cud.

We can talk about the immorality of substitionary atonement and original sin.

You want every American to *really* read their Bibles this year? I will do my part to help. The year I was 21 I asked my mom for a Bible in One-Year. We went to the Christian bookstore and I picked it out and, what do you know? I still have it.

So I'll be picking a verse from my daily reading & sharing it here with you, Anteaters, by text post or by video. Remember, every time you subscribe to an atheist, an angel loses its wings!