Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gig's Stroke

Found this while sifting through old diaries and blog posts.

May 7th, 2006 (community post) "life & death"
So, a bunch of family went to my grandmother's this morning, to do some home repair and other chores for a Mother's Day gift. When my Aunt B and Uncle D got there this morning, however, my Giggy was barely coherent, couldn't get out of bed, and had soiled herself. We think she had a stroke. It took a lot to get her to the hospital (she hates doctors), but she's there now getting a CT scan and a spinal tap.

Now, here's the scary (to me) part: All the responsible people can't help. My Aunt S, brother, and mom are all in Mossouri, where my grandfather is dying (in the next day or so) of Stage 4 Lung Cancer. My sister is at work. My Aunt Z, oldest of my grandmother's children and usually the one to do these things, is bringing home her newly adopted baby boy today, who was born Friday. So, she's a bit busy. Uncle D has to leave town for a week-long business trip. That leaves my Aunt B, who is a lot like me in that we pretty much suck at being the people to make the decisions. We call our older siblings and leave them with the burden of responsibility, of choice. This sucks.

Please pray. Love you all.