Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God's Plan & Free Will

Here's the briefest explanation I can give for the Christian's duplicitous divine plan vs. free will conflict.

Ahem, when something good happens, it is a sign of the benevolent hand of the Almighty in our daily lives - like when God cured grandma's cancer with the help of modern medicine and a team of doctors, for example, or that time he helped you find your keys when you were stoned & running late to work. When something bad happens, like the Challenger 8 disaster or a landslide in Mexico or Bush getting elected to a second term in office, we're given either fear-mongering & blame (God's doing this because of the liberals & feminists & queers, I tells ya!) or extreme confirmation bias noticing things like how a building full of crossed steel bars could still have a cross standing after having a plane crashed into it, killing more than 3,000 people. When you ask about the Holocaust or slavery or genocide commanded by God in the Bible, you either hear about how God was preventing a worse thing from happening (He had to kill the Amorites! They were bad, bad people & they would have corrupted the Israelites) or about how God never interferes with human free will, except for all those times he makes other people in traffic drive in such a way that I get to work on time despite being stoned and spending all morning looking for my keys.

Oh, and god also appears in pancakes, sausages, and one dog's anus.