Thursday, December 31, 2009

From my Facebook Inbox

From: [Name Redacted]
Subject: damn

can you change your profile pict because you are just to damn hot, i get little done when your pict is up! lol. happy new year!!!!!! :D
Do you think Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins deal with this crap? I know PZ Myers gets squid porn in his inbox, but I don't know how many come-ons Daniel Dennet has to turn down (or chooses not to, for that matter.)

So, Anteaters, what is your opinion in this? Is my totally-covering all my skin except arms, neck, face, and *gasp* shoulders avatar too revealing? Is it my job to be less attractive so I won't distract him, or is it his job to *turn off Facebook* when he's at work?

This is the same logic, taken to an extreme I'll grant you, that justifies forced wearing of veils and burqas.

Today's image is Lil Kim in her concept of a burqa for One World Magazine.