Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009 Year in Review

I forgot how much the beginning of this year sucked... I'm so glad now that I got laid off, even though I've been really really really really poor the past year. I've gotten to know who I am on some level, and that's priceless for an identity junkie like me.

I can't tell you how amazing this blog experience has been for me - sharing my secrets and my stories with all of you has helped me to forgive myself for what I was most ashamed of. I am human, and it's okay. I helped my baby survive through extreme hardship, with very little outside assistance.

So, here's my year, January to December:

Turned 26 & celebrated 6 months as an atheist
Set up a PlentyofFish dating profile
Went on a series of horrible bad first dates
Continued sleeping with one of my employees
Spent 10 days in jail for contempt of court
Got laid off (not for the sex, though - they shut down my division)
Had car repossessed
Decided to write a book
February through November, tried to have a relationship with my mom
Took 3 months to get approved for food stamps
Shoplifted groceries and diapers
Had to wait till April to reapply for unemployment due to lack of "credits"
Begged, borrowed, stole: somehow kept electricity running
Had IRS refund stalled from February - when I sent in my tax forms - until May
Set up a SugarDaddyforYou dating profile
Started a blog
Spent 6 months battling my ex-bosses for my unemployment benefits
Won the unemployment battle
Took in a Christian preacher's kid, to help her escape the abuse
Got off probation
Got drunk!
Visited an old friend from outta town
Spent a week outta town with the same old friend
Started a social network for cult survivors
Had to deal with unemployment office idiocy & not sending my payments for ten weeks
Set up an OkCupid dating profile
Had my internet turned off; cried like a baby for over an hour (on a date)
Got a boyfriend
Went to the dentist (3 cavities)
Went to my therapist
Went to the dentist (7 cavities, 2 extractions)
Went to a doctor
Went on three medications, four times a day
Skipped Thanksgiving for a family-free weekend trip
Told my mom how I really felt
Upped the medication to five times a day
Got an eviction notice
Slowed down the process a full two weeks
Started a YouTube account
Moved into a nice house :D

Only two left to complete:
Skipped Christmyth.
Celebrated New Years in style

Here's hoping 2010 isn't nearly so rocky!

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