Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pointless Numbers

(Wrote this years ago, but seeing as how I feel as creative as the lint trap of a public dryer right now, I figure it's better than skipping a day of posting.)

I've got a secret
And you're dying to know
I'm not as pretty as you think
Would you love me if you knew me,
All my ugly, dirty parts?
Thirty by twenty-three
Figures you won't understand
And poetry you won't know how to read
Two hundred to eight hundred
One hundred twenty-nine
All the pointless numbers
All my desperate lies
Trying to love myself
Trying to destroy myself
I've got a secret
And you're just dying to know
I'm shaking with nerves
Quaking with caffeine
And it's all I can do to lie to you
To tell you that it's okay
I've got a little secret
And I know you wanna know
But no one told you which questions to ask
Or what signs to look out for
I'm happy cause I moved from three to four
from seven to five
I'm still alive
I'm hanging on
It's all okay
Tomorrow's another story
And you're not sure why you worry
You can't put your finger on it
And my finger is the problem
I've got a little secret
And I'm dying for you to know
I've got a little secret
And I'm dying cause no one knows

And that, boys and girls, is why I don't do secrets anymore. Obviously not *everything* is fit for public consumption (like if it involves someone else, and they're not quite as cool with spilling their insides out in a public forum.)

(I love Daily Motion because they give embed codes that YouTube has blocked.)