Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey Christians: Psalm 109:8-9, Seriously?

If you Christians let one of your own kill my *&&(*ing president - the first one I voted for who made into office, the first one to inspire me at all to care about politics with hope that things might get better someday - I will flip a lid and go from being an evangelical atheist/anti-theist to just driving from house and house and slapping every one of you.

You ARE your brothers keepers! It's not like the extreme religious right are gonna listen to a bisexual, divorced, secular humanist FEMALE like me.

You need to address this in your churches, in your neighborhoods, on your Christian blogs and forums, and everywhere you go. It is not okay to support murder of a legally elected public servant. You can disagree all day: I sure as heck didn't agree with President Churchy McJesus "Let's bomb them all! Tax cuts for the rich; cut services to the poor" Bush. But I never did or would have supported assassination language.

I wrote about this months ago. It's been building. (So have militias and Bible- based cults in America. Hmmm, do you think religion could be behind this?) I'm freaking MAD at this point. Go Psalm yourselves, okay?