Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mixed Tape

You probably know by now how much I like lists. (Check out 100 Questions for Christians, if you haven't already.) Today I'd like to start a playlist for the new Angie the Anti-Theist YouTube channel. Maybe once I get some money together, I'll even get a camera and start doing video posts. For now I'd like to get a couple different playlists I can just post as links in the sidebar, and one of these lists will be for Silly Songs, good godless music that makes you chuckle. It doesn't have to apply to atheism, although bonus points if it does.

First of all, I'm gonna have to have a Mr. Deity playlist. And it would just be wrong to waste all the good standup acts from Blasphemy Day. And obviously there will be Atheist Experience clips (although, since there are so many, I'm going to be picky on these to get the best ones).

So, let me get the ball rolling with these, and I'll let you send me cool links of more good stuff, ok? Stuff like...

Here's a favorite song by John R. Butler, with great clips done by cannibalgourmet.

We like the cheese. We like zeppelins. *snort* It's so stupid it's actually funny. (This is where I feel very much like I'm still the tomboy watching Beavis & Butthead cartoons in Brian's basement. Heh heh.)

Four hundred babies!
Ow. I hurt with laughter. I used to abuse the crap out of energy drinks, like four 16-ounce sugar free Rockstars per day. "Uncomfortably energetic" is right.

And it wouldn't be fun if I didn't have Monty Python. (I had an embarassing crush on John Cleese for awhile in high school. Those silly walks!)

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