Monday, September 14, 2009

Wow, I'm mean.

Anybody who's seen my Mormon series knows that I can be very calm in a conversation. What you may not have seen is when I completely lose it on the internet and just go off on someone.

For your reading pleasure, the comment I just left in response to the claim that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is not qualified for the position because she brings with her "a tainted vision of the constititution[sic]". Oh, and that affirmative action is *really* just racism against white guys like him. (His screen name is Buffoon, so that's actually one insult I didn't pick myself.)

Warning - WAY more foul language than I usually post on my own blog.
How am I supposed to take you seriously, Buffoon, when you won't do have anything to back up that steaming pile of crap that your last comment was? "A tainted version of the constitution"? WTF is that? You mean white guys aren't gonna get to oppress everybody else forEVER or do you mean something that's actually valid? During the 1970s, when Sotomayor went to college, there was geniune CURRENT (not "perceived past") harm. It was HARDER for a Latina woman to get into Princeton than it was for a white man to. FUCKING DUH! Have you read America's history or did you just shove a stars and stripes flag up your ass so you could claim to be a patriot? REAL patriots learn about their country - it's ideals, its founding, its history, its laws, and its progress. They don't just make shit up because they're pissed off that minorities and women aren't AS oppressed as they used to be, when white guys got to own people as property you fucktard. I'm done. Go shove your head up a republican elephant's ass. it couldn't possibly make your "arguments" stink worse.
Let me quickly note that I'm not calling all conservatives or Republicans racist, fucktards, ignorant, or not-patriots. Just this guy.