Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More of my grandmother

Holy crap. I found new sites with my grandmother's books by doing an image search of her name. (I was trying to find a picture of her, for my last post. It's not like I could do a funny comic strip with that one.)

Three copies of her book "Healing in Zion" (which is waaaaaaay craizer than the other two "non-fiction" books: it's a blueprint for disaster) are being shared around with various Quiverfull and homeschool families through the Victory Christian School lending library. *facepalm* There are only so many copies of her books out there, and (on top of the new cult survivors social network, this blog, my book, and raising my kid) I'm trying to round up as many of them as possible. (Donations to ATAT for this purpose would be greatly appreciated!) But here these three copies are doing damage to far more than three families. And unlike a lot of the midwives who sell her books on their websites (and who should therefore be stripped of ever working with women again), this group isn't selling their only copies. They're keeping her toxic view of the world in circulation, poisoning large families.

So I wrote the absolutely most Christian sounding email I could, and sent it from my other email address, the one that doesn't have "antitheist" in the name. It took a little creativity to portray myself as being onboard with their vision in every other respect, and just wanting this one book removed, without actually lying. I just don't think they'll take the advice of an atheist - even one with facts and court cases and dead babies on her side - on the issue of what books Christian families devoted to faith should read. Gig's teachings will find fertile ground in this community, and that sickens me and worries me. It's like that painful scene in a movie, when you know everything is going to come crashing down on your protagonist, but there's nothing that can be done to stop it. But I'll still try to stop it.

Hello and good day,

I am Carol Balizet's granddaughter; she is the author of "Healing in Zion" which I see you offer in your lending library. I myself was homeschooled, and have very fond memories of the experience. I think the idea of a lending library between homeschool families is fantastic, and an excellent way of sharing resources.

I am sure you are unaware that Carol's teachings have led to the deaths of several children, and that she is now classified as a "cult leader" for some of her heretical teachings. I would ask you to please read the links I've provided below, and prayerfully consider removing her teachings from your library. I am quite concerned about the damage these books have already done to God-fearing, loving, and well-meaning families.

The majority of these links are from Christian cult-watch organizations.

These are testimonies from a pro-homebirth site, explaining why Carol's teachings are unbilical and dangerous.

I can provide more links if you like. If you have more questions, please feel free to email me or call me at home at (813) 421-2641*. I would be more than happy to explain my concerns to you.

I wish you all the best.

Angie Jackson
* p.s. to my readers - That's my new Google Voice line, so it is open for anybody that needs to talk about this stuff - cults and faith and children and nonsense and getting better. It's really great connecting with you and knowing that you're out there. :)