Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not even an anorexic could do that.

Dear Ralph Lauren,

I have never bought your clothes. Something about them looking just like Target cl0thes that cost a quarter of the price, and about not being a walking billboard with advertisements written across my chest.

And yet you and the other high end designers I've never purchased clothing from have shaped me. You've turned me into this. Your Boing-Boing Photoshop disaster shows me that even an adult woman fitting into children's sizes, excuse me "sample sizes", hasn't starved herself enough for you.

Fuck you, Ralph Lauren. And fuck you Calvin Klein. I'm gonna eat a *bagel*.

For my readers, if this doesn't look "too" extreme to you, compare the model's appearance with my own in my Facebook badge. Compared to her I look chubby, and I'm in a tight-lacing corset. This beauty standard wasn't even obtainable by a professional bulimic, er "fashion model". They had to distort her image to make it look like this alien "woman".