Saturday, June 5, 2010

Counter Apologetics

Hey Anteaters! So I've been thinking about it and I really should have a page listing all the counter-apologetics I've done, with links and titles and other helpful things. So here's a quick link location for anyone wanting to share my analyses with others :)

Messin' with Mormons
This is a series of live-chats with LDS missionaries, complete with snarky italicized commentary from me.

Chat 1 How do you know that's really revelation and not just thoughts in your head?
Chat 2 How do you know your god is the right one?
Chat 3 Why can't girls be prophets?
Chat 4 What do you mean by "restored church?"
Chat 5 Why did God make the devil?
Chat 6 What happened to the big miracles?
Chat 7 Marriage and family life in the LDS Church
Chat 8 Can you really *choose* what you believe?
Chat 9 I know it's true because god told me in my head.
Chat 10 All the good stuff is God's doing.

Every Student (

Why Pick the God of the Bible? Cause wouldn't it be better if it was true?
WPGB part 2 He was human for you and died for you. Why are you so mean you won't believe in him?
WPGB part 3 - Cause he's the best god ever, you know.

Is There a God? - Complexity of life proves a complex creator (or something like that)
ITAG part 2 - First cause argument
ITAG part 3 - Jesus claimed to be god, so he must be (lunatic, liar, lord)

Why is There Evil? - We asked for it.
Why is There Evil? part 2 - You think that's hard? Try being crucified, you ungrateful heathens.

Is Jesus God? - Lots of people believe it, so it must be true.
IJG part 2 - Lunatic, liar, lord, or legend
IJG part 3 - Jesus was sinless and did miracles.
IJG part 4 - The tomb was empty. How are you gonna explain that, huh?

All About God
God is Love? Only if we drastically change definitions.

Demon Busters
Demon Busters part 1 The demons are making you sick.
Demon Busters part 2 The demons are controlling your mind.

Answers in Genesis
Morons on a Moral Rampage - Believe in god or your kids will kill you!
Ham-Boned Arguments - Me vs. Ken Ham on the separation of church and state

Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM)
Slick Apologetic - Why don't Christians follow Old Testament stoning laws?
Slick Apologetic 2 - It's your fault your going to hell for denying God's existence.

Christian Women Today
If God is in Control... - He's just building character in all those starving and sexually abused kids around the globe.
Thin Within - Someone refers me to a "spiritual" fat camp after I fill out a survey on eating disorders
Thin Without - Email exchange with my computer-appointed Christian mentor

United Church of God
The Process of Conversion Are you a "true Christian" and how can you tell?
Creation or Evolution: Does it Really Matter?

The Story
The Story is a Lie - My response to an evangelical creationist Flash summary of the Bible
The Story Continues Email exchange between me and one of the Story authors

Learn the Bible (
Woman's Role in the Home - Honor the Lord by getting knocked up as often as possible
WRH part 2 - Don't fight it. You're gonna be his bitch.
WRH part 3 - Brainwashing your children is the Lord's will.
WRH part 4 - Spread the meme to other women.

Catholic Education
This series is a response to the ebook "Homosexuality: The Untold Story"

Homophobia: The Untold Story - Gay people want to take away Christian rights.
HTUS part 2 - Gay activists want to recruit your children.
HTUS part 3 - You're gay because you throw like a girl.
HTUS part 4 - You're gay because you're a narcissist.
HTUS part 5 - You'll get butt cancer if you're gay.
HTUS part 6 - You can be straight if you try hard enough.
HTUS part 7 - You're gay because your parents didn't adhere to patriarchy enough.
HTUS part 8 - Gay marriage would be bad for children (who are currently in foster care, thanks to their straight parents.)
HTUS part 9 - What a lifelong virgin & bachelor says about sex is what's right for everyone.
HTUS part 10 - Sex isn't about two people coming together. It's about God being in their bed with them.

Vision Forum
Vision Forum Mission - Their creepy goals

Bill Gothard
Courtship Promises -Ensure God's blessing through patriarchy!
Courtship Promises pt. 2 - (coming soon!)

Mercy Ministries - NOTE: You should check out Sean the Blogonaut. He's done more to take this group down than anyone I know of. Great guy, too. :)
Merciless Ministries - Why I think it's a cult

Alcoholics Anonymous/Al-Anon/12 Steps
My Time in Al-Anon - Initial Impression
MTIAA pt. 2 - The Three C's
MTIAA pt. 3 - Fertile Ground

Carol Balizet/My Giggy
Rantings of a Crazy Woman- My grandma's theory about "two realms"
You Look Like God! - My grandma reports a conversation she had with God
My Two Faiths - Me vs. my grandma *and* a more moderate Christian
God of the Gas Tank - From Born in Zion

Various Anti-Gay Orgs
Cure the Gay - From
Coming Out Straight & Other Lies - From

Sarah Palin: A Literary Critique - Ripping apart Palin's farewell speech when she quit her job.
Rx for Worry - Apologist book by James Gills I used to fall for
Swearing:The Potty Mouth Sin - From
Objectively Nuts - Ha! I got taken in by a Poe, courtesy of Landover Baptist folks
Case for God Review Squared - Reviewing a review of a Karen Armstrong book
God's Will vs. Your Plans - From