Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Remember how I was gonna move in the middle of June? Make that May - 1st. Oh joy, nothing like taking already badly laid plans and cutting the deadline into a quarter to really help out with that whole anxiety thing, huh? I had hoped to let Little Man finish out the school year (and to, you know, find a place to live) before going but it looks like my time here is short.

Over the last year of having this blog, I've asked you to help the Atheist Association of Uganda, Planned Parenthood, RAINN, and MyCharityWater. I've asked you to do what you could, through activism, fundraising, and consciousness raising to help the world around you, but now I have a more selfish request. I hate to do this, but I have to ask, can you help me? A friend and fellow ex-cult member is helping me locate a place out in Denver, and will help me get settled once I arrive (finding a new pediatrician and school and where the food stamp office is) but the fact of the matter is, I don't have nearly the time to save up as I'd planned on having. My tax return should arrive soon enough to be a big help, but as we all probably know, moving takes money.

XBF is giving me and Little Man the requisite frequent flyer miles to get *to* Denver, but since I've grown rather attached of sleeping indoors the past couple of years (and no longer have a beat up station wagon for me and the Kid to live in like we had to do two years ago), I gotta swallow whatever pride I have, and whatever qualms I feel about asking you to spare your charity donations from more deserving causes this time. Sure, I'm writing this in a (hopefully?) amusing and self-deprecating way, but I really could use your help. I hate to ask, but there it is. At times like these, I really wish I had a family that didn't suck, that cared, that would help. But I don't. I have you guys instead.

Please don't feel guilted into this - if you don't have the means, or if donating money to someone on the internet who isn't a registered non-profit organization makes you nervous, don't do it. To those who have contributed in the past to site maintenance and my own life maintenance, thank you. Once the moving in costs are covered (oh the deposits you must pay when you have terrible credit!) I should be able to maintain a lower class lifestyle like I have the past couple of years, through a combination of creative budgeting and low expectations :p My unemployment benefits and ad revenue should be able to cover monthly expenses. I'd just hoped to have more time to save up before the moving day came.

Sorry I have to ask. If you can and are willing, please click on the yellow PayPal button in the top right corner of the page. If you can't, please don't worry. I'll make this work; I always do. If you aren't willing, that's okay too. I know we all have pinched resources in the present economy and I'd hate to think of someone else going without, whether that's you personally or a more deserving charity you allocate your funds to.

I'm gonna go cry in a pillow now. Love you.