Monday, January 4, 2010

The High Cost of Fame

I haven't had much time to write on the blog lately. Partly that's been because of life stuff & a disrupted schedule & a child home from school & starting a YouTube channel, but a lot of it has been that it takes me a couple of hours a day to go through my email. Between comments here (which I've sadly had to add moderation to after a few banned commenters discovered anonymizers), comments on YouTube, messages on Facebook, comments on Facebook, moderating ExCult Network, direct emails, Think Atheist comments...

So, if I take a while to get to your email, I apologize. I'll do what I can. It used to be I could knock out all my overnight emails in half an hour or an hour while I woke up, and then have plenty of time to write. As Angie the Anti-Theist has expanded, uh, I guess I've become a little stretched thin. The whole point of all this is to write the book, to get my story and the story of other cult kids out there. So of all the things on my plate, email is the one that's gonna have to move to the side a bit (and yes, Farmville, too. I know, it's *tragic*.)

In the meantime, check out a few of the less pleasant comments I got on my YouTube channel today (and feel free to drop by & subscribe or vote me up, hint-hint!)

you atheist bitch! REPENT NOW!!!!

on 9/11 i had the biggest fucking wank ever. you stupid fucking american cunts deserved that shit.

i laughed when TJ's dad died as well... that shit was hilarious.... but the icing on the fucking cake was when I found out he had been molested as a child. what a fucking fat loser! lol

when you look at the creation of the universe. you see INTELLIGENT DESIGN. we did not come from a puddle of goo and microorganisms. there is No proof of that. you god awful stupid bitch

ofc it's not a religion you ugly dike!

I feel sorry for the poor deluded maker of this video, not to mention the many young & impressionable kids who will be led into a life of crime and rampant anti-social behaviour after being brainwashed, I mean, indoctrinated, by it.

no Atheism is NOT a Religion its garbage that people think because theyre skeptick
thats who the athest are skepticks who bother the hell out of people who have a Religion and one guy i know laughs if if find out if you belive omg you have a falth how upserd hahahaha
you know what athest (some) belive that they come back as a tree or another person how stupid does that sound

True...they build their whole lives around disbelief. They offer "nothing" in it's place. It's like voting against something, instead of FOR something. Sounds just lazy. ((Like gay marriage, you asshole?))

YOUR ALL GOING TO HELL YOU ATHEIST QUEERS!!!!!!!!!!!! atheist = faggots You're gonna eat your babies!

I am not a troll, I hate trolls. I am here spreading God's love and compassion and you atheists hate the truth so you act like assholes.

You can see what a good God he is. A lot of people have the term "curse" very confused. God doesn't actively curse or damn anyone. A curse is actually what happens to us when we lack God. Because if we push him away and curse him He cannot cover us because we don't allow him. So when this happens we're under a curse...

You have the «Don't believe in God» God.
So, if a christian has a «Believe in God» God, where is the difference?

Real brain trusts, huh?