Monday, March 29, 2010

Red Light

I haven't yet figured out how to coherently write about my party days and nights, but here's an old poem I wrote at the time "Red Light"

Hotel party and late night wanderings
Has it already been a year?
Driving slightly under your influence
No, I didn't forget you dear
The beach with the light where you asked me
The phone conversation where I answered
We walked down the street soaked with laughter
And there's a girl we know who has my name
Dime bags and muscle relaxers
A ten-hour drive to never leave town
Too many people and not enough friends
but the happy yellow money makes me smile
Double your dosage, double your fun
My jaw is killing me. You got any gum?
Well I'll do that for you,
but what's in it for me?
Thrift store clothes and a water bra
Too many cops out at night
All the bad parts of town for all the good reasons
Baby, I don't care what you call me.
Let's stagger down the road of life
arm in arm, with a bottle in each free hand.
Red light.